Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Perfect Chaos" by Sue Quigley (Rock Artist from Washington(WA))

"Perfect Chaos," Sue Quigley's latest CD, is a polished continuation of this fine Seattle-bred singer-songwriter's exploration of traditional and classic female rock forms. This time around, though, the acoustic guitars are a little more pronounced and the rhythms less insistent, but the hooks are no less engaging and Quigley's resonant voice still squeezes every last drop of blood from her songs' intricate veins. And rich veins they are. "Fallen World" masterfully blends a syncopated rhythm to a sonorous cello in a moving bid for hope and redemption, while the melodic "Paper Tiger" languorous vocal belies the rage smoldering barely under the surface. "Picture in a Drawer" and "She's Not Talking to You" are nifty mid-tempo numbers reminiscent of female rock forebears like Johnette Napolitano, Sass Jordan, or Patty Smyth. But on the album's stripped down ballads - such as the closer, "How It's Going to Be," with it's demo-like vocal and acoustic guitar-only performance – or the moving "Yours to Say," Quigley reveals the softer edges of a fiercely independent artist to best effect. All told, "Perfect Chaos" is a terrific alternative pop/rock-oriented CD and a fine addition to Sue Quigley's growing and noteworthy canon.

- Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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