Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Up Against My Soul" by Hijirah Kem (Electronic Artist from Oregon(OR))

Hijirah Kem's album, "Up Against My Soul," is an eclectic and edgy electronica experience. Kem describes herself as a "multi-media artist" who utilizes high-tech compositional collaging as her instrument and formula for channeling creativity. The music is complex in its individual and collective layering yet the elements mesh, creating a futuristic sound that gels. "Sand in my Head" includes an almost droning tone, created by a digital wind instrument that exudes an enticing and mysterious ambiance. "Chasing Wormholes" is a perfect title for the final song as resonating synths fall into rubble and re-emerge reborn. The album carries its own inertia and remains engaging through the end. Go on an escapade with Hijirah Kem and her latest disc, "Up Against My Soul," she'll show you the way.
-Max B. and the Reviewer Team
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