Sunday, May 10, 2009

"He Doesn't Like Me...(He Likes My Brother)" by Km Esty (Pop Artist from Toronto, Canada)

"He Doesn't Like Me… (He Likes My Brother)," the new CD-single from accomplished dance-pop songstress Kim Esty, is a delicious slice of Electronica worthy of the singer's clear affinity for the genre's queen bee, Madonna. Boasting 7 different remixes (by Whisper Twins vs SBD and Dr. Octavo Versace), "He Doesn't Like Me…" – in all its permutations, is as catchy as it is danceable. Esty's multi-layered vocals soaring over the thrust of the programmed beats creates a sonic wash perfect for the dance floor. And tossing off the clever hook line like a straight-faced Kirsty MacColl only adds to the fun. Both sly and infectious, and featuring instrumental remixes as well, Kim Esty's CD-single delivers on all fronts.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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