Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Jerad Finck" by Jerad Finck (Pop Artist from Washington(WA))

Jerad Finck's self-titled debut CD is a 12-song showcase for a newcomer with the discerning instincts of a pop-rock veteran. Whether delivering frantic, insistent rockers like "Another" or achingly delicate ballads "Movin' On," the CD is a model of pop balance and rock fire. While several tracks benefit from nuanced and deftly-charted string arrangements, the driving rhythm of "You" and the blistering guitar solo of "Whatever You Want" ensure that the rock in pop-rock gets its due. And with hooks as big as the great outdoors, combined with a solid, in-the-pocket rhythm section, "Jerad Finck" shows a power-pop sensibility that would make The Knack proud. Check out Finck's bold and utterly contemporary arrangement of "Paperback Writer" and you get a sense not only of Jared's craftsmanship, but also of the singer-songwriter's artistic confidence. Mainstream in its accessibility and sincerity, "Jerad Finck" is a pop-rock CD that is also original, honest, and a fine debut from a talented young performer.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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