Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Ballads & Blues" by Mary Paulson (Blues Artist from California(CA))

Mary Paulson has compiled a beautiful blend of soft rock ballads with influences of country and blues on her latest disc, "Ballads & Blues." Paulson is quite a talented singer as her vocals are clean and polished with fine clarity. She seamlessly transitions from one style to another, showing impressive versatility. The Hammond organ solo on "My Summer" captures the upbeat twelve bar blues feel while the vocals and band are solid and tight. Turn the tables around and get a taste of country spice on "Believe in Me" with the banjo and fiddle balancing the mix on this tuneful song. "Give Me a Reason," written by Peter Kossek who resides in Denmark, is strong and powerful with lyrics that will tug at your heart. Another ballad that is stunning is "Untouchable Love" with an electric piano accompaniment that has a hint of bluesy flavor. If you're in the mood to just kick back and unwind to some relaxing music, then toss on "Ballads & Blues" and let the music take you away.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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