Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Television" by Monkey Bones (Classic Rock Artist from Oklahoma(OK))

Monkey Bones and their debut CD, "Television" is an all-out rock attack of blazing guitars, impassioned vocals, biting lyrics, and the rock-solid kind of playing to bring it all home. Buoyed by a big beat-infused rhythm section firing on all cylinders, "Television" features 12 original songs that rarely let up. But despite an almost relentless fury, The Monkey Bones deftly balance many of their riff-heavy songs with effective and at times, subtle background vocals that add dimension and nuance to a style not always noted for such attributes. Notably, "Sunny Rays" shows the band can deliver the arena rock ballad as needed while "Hammer Comin' Down" offers up a rich vein of Southern Rock swagger. Delivered with a snarl & bravado as fitting as it is emblematic, the casually thrown out line "it's all fair in love and rock & roll" in the CD's closer, "Cross-Eyed," is more than a fair summary of "Television," it's a veritable battle cry.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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