Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Distant Thunder" by Karl Stephen Brunig (Spiritual Artist from Texas(TX))

Karl Stephen Brunig reaches well beyond the roots of Gospel music with his latest album of finely written songs on "Distant Thunder." Brunig has taken the traditional style of Gospel music and has spun a new twist with the genres of rock and blues with inspirational appeal. The lyrics and artistic arrangements will move you with uplifting attraction. The title track "Distant Thunder" kicks off the album with driving beats and edgy guitar riffs. Brunig's vocals are quite similar to Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as you can hear on songs such as "Hiding Place" or "Nehemiah Man." Taking the tempo down a bit to more of easy listening tempo, "What a Beautiful You" and "Silent Tears" are nicely performed with a sweet piano accompaniment. This album offers a selection of tempos and styles that draws you into wanting to hear more. Karl Stephen Brunig's "Distant Thunder" is an enjoyable gospel album and will charm listeners who like more of a rock/blues feel.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com reviewer team
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