Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Music." by Robin Horlock (Rock Artist from Michigan(MI))

Robin Horlock's aptly titled third CD; "Music." is an 11-song collection of tuneful, well-constructed songs that reflect the singer's Adult Contemporary experiences to great effect. Noted for the relaxed but soulful passion in his vocals, Horlock delivers hook-filled, guitar-based tunes with the ease and capability of a Jack Johnson or John Mayer, but without surrendering his own considerable uniqueness. Employing extremely tasteful blends of acoustic and electric fretwork throughout, "Music." highlights consist of Adult Contemporary gems that showcase styles ranging from California-style soft rock "Here & Now" to post-Eagles Don Henley pop-rock "Everything Falls Apart." On "The Difference Between Day and Night" Horlock even seems to channel the '70's-era voice of John Sebastian, while "Life Goes On" features spare but distinctly affective sax lines to flesh out a stirring anthem of hope. Simply put, "Music." is another strong CD from an artist whose instincts for savvy and smart adult pop are spot-on.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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