Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Soul Complete" by Cagle & Nash (R&B Artist from North Carolina(NC))

Cagle & Nash serve up some delightful, easy listening R&B/jazz songs on their newest release "Soul Complete." This delectable disc features a collection of well written lyrics of love lost and found while showcasing lead vocals that are solid and well polished. The music flows with style and never falters while delivering the sounds of blues and the relaxing, fresh touch of R&B. An outstanding horn riff highlights "December" while the flute adds a soft and graceful touch. Another track which emphasizes the horn is "Information" as the solo is clean and crisp. Take note of the smooth and dynamic balance of harmonies with guest female vocalists on songs such as "Anywhere You Wanna Go" or "And Suddenly." If you like the songs of Steely Dan or Michael Buble, then "Soul Complete" is the next album you will want to hear.

-Diane and the reviewer team
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