Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Uriel's Passage" by Amelia Coffey (Instrumental Artist from Oregon(OR))

Amelia Coffey has the right idea of how animals can inspire warm and inviting melodies with her New Age Jazz instrumental disc, "Uriel's Passage." Coffey has taken her love for animals and has artistically composed and performed these charming songs of peaceful mood music. "Dolphin Play" is stunning with a nice dynamic balance between the electric piano and flute while the melody sweetly flows with ease. Delicate and dreamy, the titled track, "Uriel's Passage" is serene with the flute playing with heartfelt emotions while guitar gracefully accompanies with soft broken chord progressions. Picture yourself standing in a lush, green meadow of Ireland with the wind gently blowing a warm summer breeze through your hair with the sounds of the ocean and birds singing, as you hear a beautiful rendition of "Danny Boy" performed ever so gracefully on the flute. Relax and enjoy the memorable, dreamscape sounds and lovely instrumental melodies on "Uriel's Passage."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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