Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Lord Hear My Prayer" by Second Chance (Rap Artist from California(CA))

"Lord Hear My Prayer" is the debut two-song EP from Christian hip-hop artist Second Chance. Second Chance's story is one of overcoming all odds, coming close to dying over and again, repeatedly surviving, and finding God. These two songs showcase the new life, the "Second Chance", of a former gang member. Through clean, original, and well-delivered hip-hop vocals, Second Chance delivers inspirational and encouraging songs of love, of others, of yourself, and of God. The recording quality of "Lord Hear My Prayer" is great, adhering to the full potential of the great hip-hop arrangements and lyrics. The title track, "Lord Hear My Prayer" has a smooth r&b opening then moves into a great hip-hop arrangement with intimate lyrics between Second Chance and God, also featuring the smooth and soulful backing vocals of Brenton Wood. "There's Something About Your Love" has a funky arrangement with a nice beat, with another inspiring vocal from Second Chance and great synthesized backing vocals from Rufas Troutman. This two-song EP is a great introduction to Second Chance and leaves the listener in eager anticipation for more. Fans of hip-hop with largely Christian-oriented positive messages, give Second Chance a shot.

-Chris and the Reviewer Team
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