Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Cassandra Never Lies" by Roymackonkey (Rock Artist from California (CA))

Aussie band Roymackonkey delivers solid, '90s era rock with their newest effort "Cassandra Never Lies." After spending the summer touring the "land down under" with Wolfmother, it seems like this band is ready to spread their sound overseas and beyond. Their sound is sort of dated, but in a good way that reminds listeners of bands like Gin Blossoms or Nirvana. "The Fear" evokes that early '90s feel more than any other song on this album and has a nice R.E.M quality to it. The groove of "Chain Letter" is very solid and has that 'hit single' vibe to it. If you are looking to reminisce with the Seattle sound you used to love but want something fresh, as opposed to hunting down your old Soundgarden albums, then definitely take a listen to Roymackonkey's "Cassandra Never Lies."

-Shaun H. and The Reviewer Team
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