Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Swept Away by Circular Rubbing Motion (Pop Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

"Swept Away" by Circular Rubbing Motion is an erotic Euro-Pop album that features catchy songs with a sexy swagger. The sound is very full with lots of layers in the arrangements and fantastic vocal performances delivered by Laura Fuino. The album also contains a lot of variety from track to track, displaying many different influences circling around an edgy alternative foundation. The production value is excellent, and the tracks are crisp and ready for airwaves. The album opens with a bang as "Swept Away" pulls listeners in with an intense and upbeat rhythm, catchy lyrics, and bit of a country feel. "Gypsy Child" has some appealing Latin flamenco elements. That combines with sultry vocals make for a unique listening experience. "Angry Boy" brings out the punk side of the band and features some nice harmony in the vocals. Listeners who enjoy gender bending bands having music with sex appeal will surely like Circular Rubbing Motion's "Swept Away."

-William and the Reviewer Team
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