Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Blue Norther" by The Bordersnakes (Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

"Blue Norther" by The Bordersnakes is alternative/Americana album with a sound compiled from several influences. The basis is country, but throw in some blues and a blue collar rock element and there is a formula that equals high energy and a definite sing along ability. The arrangements are diverse and the performances are fantastic. Listeners will also appreciate the amount of passion behind the well-delivered, well-harmonized vocals. Overall, the band's sound is very complete and the song-writing ability is not to be ignored. The album sounds great, with evident care taken in heightening the experience by making every element of the sound represented. A highlight is the opener "State Road 7." There is and undeniable Springsteen element here, as this track has a raw power to it and a great piano line, and tears off the roof with a vibrant horn section. "Blue in the Face" features some great variation in the vocal performance, tons of energy, and clever lyrics. "Shadow On the Wall" has some beautiful harmony in the vocals and is hypnotic and mellow. For listeners that enjoy classic American rock, be sure to check out The Bordersnakes' "Blue Norther."

-William and the Reviewer Team
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