Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Little Boy Blue" by Idumea (World Artist from Idaho(ID))

Idumea's "Little Boy Blue" is ideal mood Latin music with complementing styles of rock, folk, and well balanced with a fusion of styles. Delicate and tender, the vocals are delivered with relaxed ease while the moving lyrics have a story to tell. Distinctive Latin rhythms splashed with calming melodies flow from song to song. The titled track "Little Boy Blue" is a folk song arranged with the tone of a nursery rhyme featuring sweet and thoughtful lyrics while layered with acoustic guitar and subtle soft strings. The alluring guitar showcases Latin fusion influences in "Danza Del Sol" with subdued synth sounds and rich and solid percussion. This group has developed an album filled with an assortment of arrangements alternating from track to track which gives the listener a pleasurable and unique musical experience. "Little Boy Blue" is an exquisite, relaxing production with the ambiance of Latin flair and hints of folk and rock styles.

-Diane And the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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