Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"A Goddess Kiss" by Stone Antica (Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

Stone Antica introduces their first studio recording "A Goddess Kiss", a CD packed with genres of rock, funk, pop, and punk. Vocals are embedded with strong and clear cut clarity which captures the mood of the music. Edgy rock guitar sets off the tone of "Can't Get Out" with the solid support of the funky bass line. The chemistry between the musicians is extremely polished and the band is tight and well rehearsed. You will certainly appreciate the emphasis placed on the importance of the interaction between each band member. Delving into the grooving funk style, the bass line on "The Fan" is impressive, intermingling with driving guitars and vigorous drums. The composition on "The Grace of a Goddess Kiss" is played with a relaxed, soft rock ballad style and features expressive lyrics, smooth bass, guitar, and drums which also spotlights the versatility of this group. "A Goddess Kiss" is well worth listening to especially if you enjoy music by Rage Against the Machine or Audio Slave.
-Diane And the RadioIndy .com ReviewerTeam
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