Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Time" by David Tucciarone (Rock Artist from Hawaii(HI))

David Tucciarone has created a memorable collection of songs with his release "Time," a professionally produced album that contains intelligent pop songs spanning many genres. From the folk rock of "The Good Years" to the acoustic rock of "Black Ash," Tucciarone shines in each setting, providing the instrumental performances as well as the vocals. The songs are well-written and Tucciarone's production is first rate. Listen to the excellent lead and harmony vocal layering on "She Knows Things" and "Don't Tell Me." Tucciarone also has a danceable side, which is featured on the incredibly funky "Time," the grooving "Traffic," and "Heaven," which showcases his very hip drum programming. "I Feel So Alive" and "Where Does the Love Go" are well-crafted ballads that continue to display the depth of Tucciarone's musical talents. "Time" by David Tucciarone will be enjoyed by fans of many genres, especially those who would appreciate a diverse blend of alternative rock and acoustic pop in the vein of The Eagles.

-Rodney and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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