Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Monocultura" by Yezve (Latin Artist from California(CA))

"Monocultura" by Yezve is an experimental Latin/alternative album filled with energy and a great variation in style. There is a sort of twisted jazz element in this band's sound that combines itself with traditional Latin elements along with quirky electronic sounds and soundscapes. The big accomplishment in this album is a collection of songs that contains off the wall arrangements and sounds that not only challenge your ears, but entertain you at the same time. More simply put, the songs are catchy and original. The album was recorded with the sense of analog meets digital. It keeps you on your toes. You will also appreciate the variation in vocal sounds that compliment the arrangements accordingly from track to track. "La Víspera" is enjoyable, with a gorgeous guitar progression, great vocal performance, and some quirky nuances. "Rosas" has a tight beat, a bass line that grooves, and is extremely catchy. "Super Chido (Pt. 1)" has kind of a 70's cop or even secret agent sort of a feel, with some old school hip hop elements as well. If you enjoy Latin/alternative bands that push the envelope, you will not be disappointed with Yezve's "Monocultura."

-William and the Reviewer Team
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