Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Trio West Plays Holiday Songs, Vol. 2" by Trio West (Jazz/Holiday Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

The simplicity of a trio brings a new light to classic holiday tunes when the group, Trio West, presents their latest outstanding album "Trio West Plays Holiday Songs, Vol. 2." A stand-up bass, drum kit, and piano bring a Latin/Jazz flavor to the songs we've heard all our lives during the holidays. You may hardly recognize tracks like "Silent Night Samba" as it has an upbeat flavor with spectacular piano progressions. Some may be more easily deciphered like their rendition of "Jingle Bells" with a crisp and bright piano that glides effortlessly across the keys. The whole album moves at a steady pace and if you like one track, you have to like them all. "Trio West Plays Holiday Songs, Vol. 2" is a great substitute for the bland retellings of Christmas stories past and is truly a breath of fresh air.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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