Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Balumba Tombo revolution" by Various Artists (Pop Artist from Italy)

New from Italy's Pedale Baroque, "Balumba Tombo revolution" is another eclectic compilation of Pop and World Music artists and songs reflecting the wide-open scope of the unique project that produced '07's "Balumba Tombo reloaded." From the psych-inspired "Sea Child" by Danger, to the East-meets-West hybrid sound of Gandhi Goes to Bollywood's "Welcome to Legoland," the diversity of the 10 tracks blend perfectly to create a borderless pastiche of pure musicality. "Requiematic" by Maestro Poldo Catara dabbles in classical nuances, while CD-opener, "Distraction physique" by Bohemian Flambe, is straight-ahead rock with a decided French influence. Elsewhere, Frograssa's weird and unsettling "Frogs in frocks" and the ultra-'80's feel of Leonid Sdjalayev' "Eto niemoi film?" push the boundaries without sounding uncharacteristic or out of place. A CD for the musically adventurous, the "Balumba Tombo revolution" compilation is a provocative mix of styles and influences that will leave you wanting more from the compelling and innovative Pedale Baroque collective.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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