Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Need Want" by David Cain & Senses (Jazz Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

If "Need Want" by David Cain & Senses were boiled down to one word, it would be: Hot. This soulful Progressive Jazz oozes virtuosity at ever beat. Every instrument on the album from the bass guitar, to the trumpet, to the synth is played with impressive mastery of the craft. But most noticeably, Cain puts as much feeling into his sax playing as he does into his singing. As a whole, the sheer skill of this outfit is displayed in the track "To You." Also, they really stretch outside being boxed into any genre with tracks like "Dude Where's My Face." These unique qualities, along with great musicianship and years of experience are what make "Need Want" a successful album and one in which you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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