Sunday, December 27, 2009

"You're All Wrong-EP" by HolliePollock (Classic Rock Artist from Salem, Oregon(OR))

"You're All Wrong-EP" by HolliePollock has a cool alternative sound to it while also having the Classic Rock feel of Zepplin to it as well. The vocals are just as gritty as the instrumentation and lyrics which gives this album an abundance of intensity. The title track, "You're All Wrong" with its dynamic drums and talented bass emulates both lyrically and musically an expression of loneliness that's identifiable with everyone. "13th Sun" is another talent-dense track on the EP with strong and solid guitar work that embellishes the lyrical vocal. The music is on the forefront while the vocals linger behind in an almost spooky, but interesting way. This CD contains 5 tracks of intense Classic Rock music spanning this bands performance of outstanding musical capability. If any kind of Rock music is your preference, then this EP is definitely well worth hearing.

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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