Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Can't Hardly Wait" by Ken L (Rap Artist from California(CA))

Ken L's latest EP is "Can't Hardly Wait." It's a solid collection of hard-hitting rap songs culled from a variety of urban music influences. The title track "Can't Hardly Wait" is a more fun-loving hip hop song with Ken L rapping about his own life. "Go Girl!!!" has more of a serious beat to it, utilizing a punchy drum line and brass section highlights - and reminiscent of a New York style rap song. "Whut U Wanna Do???" features the rapper rhyming over a more club-friendly, energetic beat. Ken L's "Can't Hardly Wait" EP is a showcase for his evocative lyrics against a backdrop of varied and spirited hip hop rhythms. If you appreciate bold and brisk styled rhyming and beats, then "Can't Hardly Wait" is an EP you should check out. WARNING-CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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