Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Hollywood Flower" by Daniel Guy Martin (Instrumental Artist from Canada)

Award-winning guitarist Daniel Guy Martin returns with "Hollywood Flower," another stellar album of instrumental guitar compositions that simply defy categorization. Part New Age-like spontaneity, part pure jazz improvisation, Martin's explorations result in melodic and accessible tunes that are nevertheless completely satisfying. Album opener, "Beautiful Cold Feet," reflects the composer's New Age influences with a solemn, introspective melody, while title-track, "Hollywood Flower," delves the guitarist's jazz instincts with equal finesse. Elsewhere, "It's Up To You" offers a more sprightly invocation of the guitarist's songcraft, with Martin displaying a dexterity on his acoustic guitar that belies the seeming ease of its performance. An album for fans of New Age music, Daniel Guy Martin's "Hollywood Flower" album is a must-hear for fans of intricate and eclectic instrumental guitar improvisations.

-Rice B and the Reviewer Team
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