Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Where We Come From" by Ray William Roldan (Country Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

If Tom Petty ever went full-on country, then it would most likely sound something like Ray William Roldan's latest effort "Where We Come From." Roldan does a terrific job fusing country with pop-riddled vocal melodies and honky-tonk guitar riffs. There are some typical, yet well played country moments on this disc, particularly on songs like "My Country Rocks" and "Cowboy Cadillac." However, what make this album shine are tunes like "Back to Texas," which strongly resemble some of the later Traveling Wilburys work. Another nod to that sound comes by way of Roldan's vocals which emulate Jeff Lynne and cult country legend J.J. Cale. Ray William Roldan's "Where We Come From" is a very enjoyable disc whether you are a diehard country fan and/or love that Americana/pop style.

-Shaun H. and the reviewer team
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