Friday, February 13, 2009

"Musical Shorts - 99 Cuts" by David Strattford (Pop Artist from Hawaii(HI))

Music industry professional David Strattford has compiled a collection of brief instrumentals on his recent release, titled "Musical Shorts - 99 Cuts." Strattford has taken many musical genres and cleverly arranged them with a variety of sounds. His versatility in creating music styles ranges from ragtime to rock. The production is first-rate as each instrument is crisp and clean. "New Jack Swing" has a catchy bass hook, powerful synth horn stabs, and synth orchestra hits. "Slow Blues" is true to form as it has a slow walking bass line, melancholy guitar, and Hammond organ. David Strattford's "Musical Shorts - 99 Cuts" is a great instrumental album for fans of multiple genres of music and can be used to spice up any event in need of music.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team
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