Thursday, February 5, 2009

"EthnikElectrika" by Greg Simon (Electronica Artist from California(CA))

Who would have thought electronica and relaxing could be used in the same sentence? Well, it can when you pop in "EthnikElectrika" by Greg Simon. The talented musician does an outstanding job with his most recent album by fusing ethnic sounds with beats you would hear on any weekend in a club on Sunset Blvd. "La Bossa Love" features some magnificent melodic Spanish guitar work and sets the tone for the whole record. Branching away from the "Spanish" tones, Simon throws in some nicely played Indian ragas on the track "Joyfest." If you are someone who loves those classic "Buddha Bar" collections, than you will love hearing "EthnikElectrika."

-Shaun H. and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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