Saturday, February 28, 2009

"The Temple of Humanity" by Freestone (Rock Artist from The Netherlands)

Looking for something new and different? Then you should give a listen to the album "The Temple of Humanity" by pop/rock band Freestone. This band emulates the cosmic tones familiarized by Pink Floyd and does a great job at reproducing those sounds. "The Ancient of Days" is a mellow song, featuring talented saxophone playing that makes the instrument sound almost as if it is singing. The title track exhibits a relaxing drum beat and equally soothing vocals. The instrumentation on this disc drips of Pink Floyd, with lush synth melodies and haunting guitar work. Although the material of Freestone's "The Temple of Humanity" is rare compared to what is "standard" today, it is a great listen for any Pink Floyd fan or ancient ritual buff and should definitely be checked out.

-Shaun H. and the reviewer team
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