Monday, February 2, 2009

"Earnest Songbook" by Danny Earnest (Blues Artist from Montana(MT))

In the past few years the "American Songbook" genre (a la Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin) has made quite a comeback with modern artists covering the old standards. Crooner Danny Earnest and his recently released CD "Earnest Songbook" performs this popular style with the same pizzazz as the legends that came before him. One of the tracks showing off his vocal expertise is "Let's Give It a Whirl" in which we get to hear Earnest's lounge influenced vocals and he even does a great Dean Martin imitation through a section of this number. Earnest's jazz/blues influence is well represented in "Velvet Afternoon" in which it features complimenting alluring saxophone work. If you're a "Ratpack" lover you will definitely want to add "Earnest Songbook" to your swinging collection man!

-Shaun and the Reviewer Team
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