Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Sacred Fire" by Jonae' (Easy Listening Artist from Tennessee(TN))

Melodic and fascinating is the recently released disc "Sacred Fire" by innovative artist Jonae'. With a unique blend of violin, cello, viola, guitar, and world percussion the tracks on this CD have a very rich and instrumentally layered sound. There is a strong rhythmic backing to these songs and a unique sound. The CD is energetic and filled with vibrant and upbeat instrumental arrangements. Take for example the titled track "The Sacred Fire" as the burning runs on the strings gives spirited life to this dynamic piece. Feel the rhythmic beats of the percussion as it swirls around the strings on "Fireflies." Showing a little versatility and moving the tempo to a waltz feel, which is seldom heard these days, "Blue Mountain Waltz" draws attention with the beautiful balance of harmonies of the strings. "Sacred Fire" is a wonderful collection of contemporary instrumentals and is a CD well worth listening to.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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