Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Bandaids on Bullet Wounds" by Black Lung Bandits (Rock Artist from California(CA))

From the infectious opening track, "It's Just Our Way," by original and innovating artists Black Lung Bandits, they establish a coalition of genres on their album "Bandaids on Bullet Wounds." The first track kicks off with an organic four on the floor pulse, balanced with dirty guitar interjections, and baritone vocal twang. There are songs with hard syncopated rhythms and riffs such as "On the Verge of a Good Feeling" or "The Girl from Iwo Jima" later juxtaposed by a more folk-infused approach, hip-hop rhyming, and even mariachi. One such example of this creativity is "Another Place" with edgy guitars, Middle Eastern tonality, and rapping rhymes. Saying that Black Lung Bandits are eclectic would be an understatement as they have originality and pull off the diversity of these genres. "Bandaids on Bullet Wounds" is a disc well worth hearing with the unique and fresh sounds of hard core rock, a touch of folk and rhyming hip-hop.

-Max B and the Reviewer Team
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