Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Limpopo" by New World Jazz Project (Jazz Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

Catch the cool and refreshing jazz feel blended with Latin and soul on "Limpopo" by New World Jazz Project. These creative and invigorating melodies were written through the sounds and textures experienced from travels abroad. This CD prominently features the alluring expressions of the sax tastefully blended with other instruments. The musicianship on the CD is very impressive. Slow and steamy, "You Don't Know What Love Is" is flavored with colorful chord progressions on keys while the drums deliver soft brushes and steady snare hits. Taking the lead on "Fava Beans," the flute carries you away with breathy and melodic phrasing. "Call of the Toucan" is delightfully filled with dreamscape sounds and gives the impression of a toucan actually talking. "Limpopo" will impress all jazz fans and is a disc gracefully balanced with Latin/soul roots.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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