Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Life Like Sad Music" by Chancellorpink (Pop Artist from Pennsylvania(PA))

Chancellorpink busts out the John Lennon influences in full on his latest disc, "Life Like Sad Music." Although there are more influences present on this record, it seems that the late Beatle has inspired Chancellorpink (aka Ray McLaughlin) in a big way. Listening to songs like "Dying Dreams Day" and "Walk On Water," evokes the album "Double Fantasy"/late 70's Lennon tone that we have all grown to love. McLaughlin's vocal melodies and low tonality screams of that era and he pulls it off quite well. There is also a strong David Bowie influence, more heard in the music than the singing. For instance, there seems to be some throwbacks to Bowie's "Tin Machine" album, a disc (like this one) that was filled with experimental music sounds. This unique sound can be heard on songs like "Third Time, No Charm." If you are into Lennon's latter work, then you will thoroughly enjoy "Life Like Sad Music."

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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