Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Who Walks In" by Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators (Jazz Artist from Washington(WA))

"Who Walks In," the debut album from Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators, captures the sound & feel of 1920's & 1930's popular jazz styles with a mix of 11 classics & nearly forgotten songs from the era, including wonderful takes on such generation-crossing standards as "Ain't She Sweet" & "'Deed I Do". Singer & ukulele-player Sunga Rose leads a spot-on 4-piece band through a repertoire of pure nostalgia. And yet, this is no museum piece. The Rhythm Percolators quartet gives these songs new life with their deft & bouyant readings, making gems like the sprightly "At the Codfish Ball" sound almost contemporary. In addition, the outstanding title song, "Who Walks In," has a wonderful Eastern European bounce while the ballad "Shanghai Lil," exhibiting some of Miss Rose's best vocals, reveals as much about its era as it does the timelessness of great song craft. As the Deperession era's popular radio hits can be seen as timeless classics, Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators' excellent new release "Who Walks In" is sure to appeal to music fans looking beyond today's hottest sounds and should definitely be given a listen to.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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