Monday, June 15, 2009

"Digital Museum" by Jay Jai (R&B Artist from California(CA))

"Digital Museum," the new 7-song digital-only release from Jay Jai, is a smooth and polished R&B collection showcasing a singer with all the seductive powers of the genre's great crooners. With beats and tunes as fresh as they are danceable, Jay Jai's contemporary R&B style (think Ne-Yo, The Dream, and Chris Brown) is a sexy mix that will open ears as surely as it turns heads. Exhorting his ladies with the skills of a true playa, "Slow Step" and "Dress You" virtually boil over with the singer's come-on, while "After Party," an infectious piece of nasty-as-we-wanna-be bravado - with a groove to match, is contemporary soul at its down and dirty best. The fine ballad, "Particular," has a solemn feel that shows Jay Jai's emotional range to fine effect, suggesting there is a lot more depth to be revealed as the singer continues to grow and mature as an artist. As perfect for the dance floor as it is for intimate moments, Jay Jai's "Digital Museum" is sure to please contemporary R&B/Urban Pop fans with its sweet, seductive, and brazenly insistent grooves.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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