Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Into the Night - Music for the Road" by Didge Extreme / David Blonski (Electronic Artist from California(CA))

Didge Extreme / David Blonski, talented composer and recording artist, serves up another terrific album titled "Into the Night - Music for the Road," comprised of energetic grooves of electronica and fusion dance music. Blonski's use of the didgeridoo is not only amazingly creative, but the way he incorporates the unique sound of this instrument with synthesized sounds is incredible. The first track, "Twilight Begins," launches off this disc with vigorous beats and the haunting tones of the drone-like didgeridoo with a mysterious charm. Exotic flutes on "Cruise Control" are rich in flavor and reverberate with an ambiance that is lively and full of life. You will sense the Middle Eastern tonality of the percussive drums on "Desert Crossroads" as it takes listeners to what seems like an oasis in a hot desert. "Alien Highway" and "Area 51" are titles that describe exactly what these songs would bring to mind: supernatural and mysterious sound effects. Take a listen to Didge Extreme / David Blonski's album "Into the Night-Music for the Road," and you will journey through sounds of worldwide instruments with vibes that are invigorating and sure to please.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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