Friday, March 20, 2009

"Burden of Proof" by Jenuine J.A. (Rap Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

Jenuine J.A.'s latest rap record "The Burden of Proof" is a great throwback to the early sounds of that genre. Jenuine isn't exactly a hip-hop artist as his songs rely more on his lyrics and the instrumentation than just beats. The opening track, "Dyin' to Floss" says it all, as you can hear how Jenuine wants his words to be heard and not lost under a sea of electronic drums. His struggle to be heard is evident throughout the disc as he lets listeners in on his personal hurdles in becoming a successful rap star. Just listen to "What's Your Plan?" and you will feel what he has gone through. The title of "The (Lost) Art of Storytellin'" is a truthful statement about where most rap songs are at today. They rely more on abusive lyrics, instead of just telling a story. If you want to hear rap music the way it should be done, you won't be disappointed when you hear "The Burden of Proof."

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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