Friday, March 20, 2009

"Take My Soul" by Shak (World/New Age Artist from Washington (WA))

Instrumentalist and songwriter, Shak, has written a very unique love story on his latest album, "Take My Soul." Although it is all instrumental, Shak does an excellent job depicting a couple's blossoming and sometimes tumultuous relationship through song. Listen to "A New Dawn," a track which screams of hope and curiosity, much like any new relationship. Along the way, the couple goes through extreme highs and lows, all documented through the creative mind of Shak. Sometimes the couple's relationship is doing well as heard on "Close to My Heart" and sometimes not, which "I Am Sorry" clearly portrays. Shak does an outstanding job composing his well written emotional feelings through melody and instrumentation about what most average couples all go through. If you are looking for a really interesting CD and you love instrumentals, then you won't be disappointed when you listen to "Take My Soul."

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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