Friday, March 20, 2009

"A Thousand Songs" by Ric Seaberg (Rock Artist from Portland, Oregon (OR))

Veteran songwriter Ric Seaberg takes listeners for a musical journey through his life and much more on "A Thousand Songs." Overall, Seaberg's songs are very reminiscent of late 70's Jackson Browne, both in his vocal approach and melodies. The Browne influence can be heard throughout the disc, but is most recognizable on "The Queen of Hollywood High" and "In My Daddy's Car." There are also some faint hints of John Lennon and Warren Zevon scattered about as well. Seaberg also touches upon the subject of divorce in songs such as "Make it About Me" and "Smiley Emoticon." His ability to write openly about his life experiences and feelings makes it very easy for any listener to attach themselves to these great songs. Any Jackson Browne or Brian Wilson fan will be spinning "A Thousand Songs" over and over again.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team
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