Sunday, April 18, 2010

"The House Jazz Concert Series, Volume 1" by Dave Powers (Jazz Artist From Ohio)

The enchanting album, "The House Jazz Concert Series, Vol. 1" by Dave Powers is a collection of Jazz songs played live - in Dave's house no less - by piano, guitar, and drums that have a vibrant, yet genially relaxed energy. "The 'In' Crowd" is a toe-tapping, foot-shuffling song with a soulful energy. "Jitterbug Waltz" is a mellow Jazz waltz with almost mysterious-sounding piano playing along with soft drum brushes and subtle guitar hits. For "Joy Spring" we have a softly spirited Jazz song in which the electric guitar delightfully takes the lead as the piano and drums create a sweet and colorful sound-scape. This album is filled with highly entertaining Jazz songs that definitely have the familiar feel of an impromptu performance while still being overtly professional. If you are a fan of Jazz piano in any form, then "The House Jazz Concert Series, Vol. 1." by Dave Powers is an album you would definitely enjoy.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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