Monday, April 19, 2010

"Damaged Goods" by shoebox letters (Country Artist from Portland, OR)

"Damaged Goods" is the newest album from the talented group Shoebox Letters. It is a collection of swinging Alternative Country songs that have a strong rock n' roll influence. "Something Didn't Stick" is a swaying Country/Rock song which features an impressive steel guitar and wonderful harmonies between the male and female vocalists. The title track, "Damaged Goods," is a sweet and charming Country song with a little bit of a pop influence. In "Chaos and Darkness" we find a traditional foot-shuffling Country song with lyrics that address some of the aspects of a relationship gone wrong. This album is filled with catchy hooks, emotional reflection, and crooning guitars. "Damaged Goods" is a thoroughly enjoyable album that would be greatly appreciated by fans of Alternative Country music.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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