Monday, February 1, 2010

"Samurai Sax" by Bubba Ramey (R&B Artist from California(CA))

The latest album by Bubba Ramey goes by the name of "Samurai Sax." It is a collection of both soothing and exciting instrumental R&B/Soul music whose main focus is the brilliant saxophone playing of Bubba Ramey. The song, "B-hop," features Ramey demonstrating his ability to hold long notes as he calmly plays over a shuffling contemporary R&B beat. "Sarumba" is a song in which R&B is skillfully fused with a little bit of a Latin flair as Ramey plays passionately on his sax. "Don't Tarry Children" is a song in which we hear how the saxophone can best be used as an emotive instrument. In this album Ramey combines R&B subtly with a variety of genres for his background music, and then lets his saxophone become the vocalist and story teller. Whether you enjoy the smooth sounds of contemporary R&B music or are just a fan of the enchanting sound of a well played sax, you will enjoy the collection of songs on "Samurai Sax" by Bubba Ramey.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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