Monday, February 15, 2010

"Leave the Kids Behind" by BS (A. Whiteman) (Spoken Word Artist from Illinois(IL))

"Leave the Kids Behind" is the latest album by the creative and hilarious comic BS (A. Whiteman). This is an adult comedy album (as it contains an explicit language and content advisory) in which a couple tracks are original comical Hip-Hop songs and others are hilarious parodies of Pop songs. "Breathalyzer (Parody of Womanizer)" is a song in which BS has taken the music to Britney Spear's popular song and created an amusing song about what can happen after having a few drinks too many. "When I was Doin' Cocaine (Parody of Where the Streets Have No Name)" is a song in which BS tells us about his drug use to the tune of U2's famous hit. In "I'll Just Laugh" BS creates a song in which he raps about his life and why it is the odd, yet funny, way that it is. This is an album for those who would appreciate vulgar, yet witty, humor put to contemporary music. Fans of Weird Al would appreciate the power of parody that is on BS (A. Whiteman)'s "Leave the Kids Behind" CD. CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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