Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Silent Words" by Thomas Frykberg (Jazz Artist from Sweden)

"Silent Words" by the highly talented artist Thomas Frykberg is an easy listening and elevating Jazz crossover album. Frykberg takes an open-ended approach on the genre with various melodic melodies and the experimentation of different types of percussion to accompany the traditional drum set. "Doniazade" is a very exotic and quintessential jazz track as it employs an interesting melody on the saxophone combined with other inspired timbres and chimes. This track also shows the artist's ability to adapt to changing and various styles all the while keeping it fresh and innovating. Another song, "Celebration Nr 2," is extremely interesting in that the track is played in a classic Jazz style as the sax deftly plays the melody while the subtle African style percussive beats play with fascinating tonality. Frykberg is superb as he incorporates the genre of smooth Jazz with many colorful flavors and textures and the listener is able to get a musical taste of the international world through this album. If you like Jazz music with smooth and relaxed vibes, then "Silent Words" is an album you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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