Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Crazy to Sane" by Lynette Louise

"Crazy to Sane" by Lynette Louise is an entertaining CD that is intended to raise awareness of autism. Through this CD, Lynette uses autobiographical vignettes with soft background chanting, and strong songs to bring attention to this mental health issue. This CD set includes a first CD of songs and spoken vignettes, and a second CD that only includes the songs of the first CD. Lynette is not afraid to tastefully use humor on the CD to help raise awareness of this serious mental health issue. Lynette introduces a number of humorous characters on the CD. The songs on the CD are a mix of adult rock tracks that include a professionally-mixed full sound, as well as more theatrically-styled humorous songs. The lyrics, whether spoken in the vignettes or sung on the musical tracks, are cleverly themed around autism and the possibility of turning a serious mental health issue into a positive life-changing experience. For example, the title track includes an emotional and screaming chorus that has an effective dynamic change from the rest of the track that will grab your attention. "Maniac Braniac" is one of our favorite tracks on the CD, with a catchy chorus and insightful, clever lyrics. It is a more mainstream-styled adult rock track, with an effective full rock band mix. Lynette's emotional vocals are especially effective on this track. "Unfinished" is another noteworthy track, with nice electric guitar riffs above a powerful bass line, and a strong chorus. The music is especially tight on this track. Take some time out of your day to be entertained by this CD, and to learn about Lynette's journey through life with autism.

-The RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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