Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis)" by Power Jazz (Jazz Artist from California)

The spectacular group, Power Jazz, releases an amazing collection of Contemporary Jazz music on the CD, "Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis.) This album has 12 tracks of smooth grooves and delectable melodies performed by a cast of highly seasoned musicians who execute tight precision and dynamic balance. You will hear flavors of Caribbean, Reggae, or Rock Fusion mingling throughout these appealing Jazz tunes. Opening up the album, "Fiesta," one can feel the vibrant energy this group has to offer as this wonderful melody flows with a hypnotic appeal. Another irresistible song, "Cantamar," glistens with a sweet and charming intro then kicks into an energetic syncopated rhythm. Fan of Jazz won't be disappointed when hearing the fantastic CD, "Live Again (feat. Mitch Talevi & Bill Keis,) as this album has a magnificent collection of songs performed by a superb group of musicians.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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