Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I" by Jahmings Maccow (Blues Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

Talented guitarist/vocalist, Jahmings Maccow, presents a breathtaking collection of Reggae/Blues music on the album, "I." Maccow is highly creative and his music is not only interesting but reaches well beyond its Reggae roots. The song, "Horizon Train," weaves a reflective, laid back feel as the touching vocals draws you in with its honest and soulful appeal. Taking on a Bluesy texture, "Passing Through," shimmers with insightful vocals, soulful guitar and organ, and a stirring walking bass riff. The title track, "I," is a relaxed orchestrated song with strong poetic lyrics. After listening to this wonderful album, you will find Maccow has created an album brimming with profound words of life's trials and tribulations and these words will seep into your soul. Fans of Reggae /Blues music will really enjoy the excellent songs on the CD, "I."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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