Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Land of Broken Dreams" by Steve Paled (Instrumental Artist from Las Vegas, NV)

The beautiful album, "The Land of Broken Dreams," by Stave Paled is brimming with delicate and dreamy New Age piano compositions. Paled takes his melodies and embeds them with relaxing and genuine heartfelt qualities which stirs your emotions with warm and inviting sincerity. He charms the listener with his crisp and soothing piano as he gracefully performs with a polished style and grace. The opener/title track, "The Land of Broken Dreams," is elegant as the piano deftly glides across the keys with a sweet and refined precision. "Every time I Close My Eyes I See Your Face," is another tune where the piano soothes the mind and caresses the soul. Ending the album is the track, "Friends," as the piano is rich and burns with passionate tonality. You will thoroughly enjoy the reflective selections of songs on the New Age CD, "The Land of Broken Dreams," as it is interwoven with soft and insightful music.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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