Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The Dream Of Olwen" by Roger Cairns (Easy Listening Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

The outstanding album, "The Dream of Olwen," by Roger Cairns & Gary Fukushima, is easy listening music at its best. This duo has taken a superb collection of Great American songs from the past and interweaves their own musical interpretations to them. Vocalist, Roger Cairns, sings with a deep and rich tonality while Gary Fukushima accompanies him on the piano with delicate and dreamy dexterity. The classic song, "I'm In Love Again," is an expressive ballad as Cairns projects his voice with emotional sincerity while Fukushima performs with a tender, crisp and clean piano accompaniment. A favorite standard from the past, "Ebb Tide," is performed with passionate vocals and gently surging piano complexities. Another delightful number, "For All We Know," is delicate and dreamy as the relaxed vocals and sweet piano melodiously charm its way into your heart and soul. If you like Andy Williams or Mel Torme, then you will thoroughly enjoy the splendid collection of songs on the wonderful album, "The Dream of Olwen."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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