Monday, July 5, 2010

"Audrey's Plea" and "Gettysburg" by Lefty Blues Band (Blues Artist from Gainesville Jacksonville, FL)

Take a historical journey with the magnificent group, Lefty Blues Band, as they release 2 singles from their soon to be released album. These wonderful Folk songs are rootsy and melodic as each one tells a heartfelt story from the past. The acoustic song, "Audrey's Plea," is stunning as it conveys a message of the anti-war emotions of the northern states in the year 1863. The song is overflowing with candid lyrics portraying a mother who has lost so much and how she pleads with her only son to stay home. The soft and subtle guitar complements the vocals that are strong and sincere. The additional sound of the violin, performed by Lorna Greenwood, also invokes a solemn intonation. Another song dedicated to the war of yesteryear is, "Gettysburg." This song has excellent flavors of Folk/Blues tones as this group plays with a soulful style. Once again, the lyrics are impressive as they describe the stirring images of this war. The Lefty Blues band has composed brilliant singles that are not only insightful but gives the audience genuine music of outstanding Folk/Blues.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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